1、Clean clothes, wash your hair

2、dating Q before inquiring each other’s tastes, hobbies and taboos, advance reservation restaurant

3、Into the door or into the elevator to help her hold the door

4、 the first date of the restaurant dress style should be similar to the impression you are ready to leave each other. Elegant or artistic, upscale or cool

5、Get up when she enters the door to welcome and gently help her take down the coat Q or bag

6、Help move the chair and gesture for her to sit down.

7、Chatting gaze at each other to create ambiguous Q atmosphere, you can praise each other a sentence or two, praise details”You today this outfit is quite suitable for you, temperament” “feel you will match ah’ “Today’s makeup is very delicate” and so on

8、Take the initiative to let the other party order food, see the time to take the initiative to pass the paper towels Q

9、The car in advance for each other to prepare water, after the end of the date to send each other home, you can first get off for each other to open the door, hand protection head Q. (Universal)

10、 Each home to her to express “today is wonderful – early Q, thank her for the company. “Out

Travel Writing

1、When crossing the street have the sense to walk on her left, there are cars or people crowded with a hand guard, but do not deliberately have physical contact with the stand!

2、Take the initiative to ask each other when shopping to walk tired, to find a place to rest!

3、Take the initiative to help lift things chat chapter



×History, politics, ball games, games, these topics need to be clear that the other party is interested in the case, otherwise do not blindly use these as a topic of conversation
×Don’t check the family register.
×Don’t ask if you’re here, what you’re doing, have you eaten?
×Don’t continue to talk about topics that you disagree on.
×A topic to which the other person does not respond positively indicates a lack of interest.

The right way to open

1、Find common ground between the two sides,Both people like fitness, you can talk and “fitness” topics
2、Or only talk about things that interest the other party: she likes to eat to talk about food-related topics
3、When the other party to talk about their own experiences or views on something, to respond positively and empathy.

A few universal sentences.
“I can understand.”
“Yes, you’re right.”
“I feel the same way.”

4、If the other party is a beautiful woman, that means she has a thousand external compliments are not interested in, this time you should praise her inner, her ability to work . Her wisdom. If you want to praise the outside, refer to the details of the above mentioned praise!
5、When the other party in complaining about her encounter must be empathetic . Dry million can not reason with her, you should stand with her in a united front.
6、Don’t be a bumper. When the other side and you argue a little bit of the seedling, you should take the initiative to unload the gun surrender, or it is likely that the good image accumulated in front of the foregone conclusion.

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