In fact, it is not recommended to go to the movie theater at the beginning of a date if you are not a very familiar couple. The main purpose of the first date is to understand each other’s views, so communication is very important.
And the movie theater two people a couple of hundred dollars, two hours without much communication, the impression left on each other is not as good as the memories brought by the movie, the actual is a kind of Ineffective communication.
For couples who have just started dating, it is recommended to look for scenes that force communication.
What do you mean by forced communication, that is, the scene does not allow the two people to sit still, but also constantly have a new topic, you two must communicate to do. For example, two people to solve the mystery class room (puzzle, not horror!) For example, a two-person puzzle room (puzzle, not horror!).
A room with just the two of you, you must work together to find ways to communicate constantly, the process can see your commitment, sense of security, can see each other in the face of difficulties, whether to blame, whether to blame, whether to blame. The process can see your responsibility, sense of security, can see each other in the face of difficulties, whether blame, whether logical.

If the other party’s clear quotient is very high, it will make you feel very comfortable with the cooperation. Otherwise, it is always arguing, and it is easy to see each other’s weaknesses. For example, if you go outdoors to go boating or tandem bicycling, there are only two people on the water.
There are only two people on the water, so you can talk about a lot of things in an hour, and the absence of people next to you relaxes each other’s guards, so you can say a lot of in-depth things that you wouldn’t normally say on the street or at the movies.
Another example is going to places where you lived as a child. For example, her high school, junior high school alma mater, so that she can relax in a familiar place and feel safe, to give you a gushing introduction to their own childhood how to go to school, where to buy things, what fun memories.

In short, strive to go to the natural generation of the topic, can let you two communicate, can be quiet and have a certain private space, so that you two talk about the topic can be in-depth, only to have the opportunity to judge each other is not the person you want.

There is a principle: when the relationship is not close, the first few times try to go to the open field or public activities, can let each other relax. When the relationship is better, you can go to exhibitions, museums and other relatively small places to give her a sense of security.

Here are some recommendations for more suitable dating locations.

Fine Arts Museums, Art Neighborhoods (Recommendation Index ☆☆☆☆)

There are many free exhibitions to see, cafes and snack bars to rest your feet, and portrait or small gift stores to interact with. It looks more stylish and makes for better memories.

Interesting Dating Spots

Zoo, Oceanarium (Recommendation Index ☆☆☆☆)

Neither men nor women are offended, and will not go often. And a certain freshness and positive sunny associations.
There are tons of critters to interact with and talk about, a certain amount of blue year memories to share, and places to eat and drink.

Interesting Dating Spots

Museums and quiet old buildings (Recommendation index ☆☆☆)

It is possible for two people to visit an interesting museum in Tongtong, but it is important to ask each other’s opinion first.
Can also be the attractions of the mountains, but it is best to have a car so that the road will not be too tired, can focus on the tour. Two people do not fierce climbing, leisurely tour, find a place to drink tea, chat.

Interesting Dating Spots

Campground, barbecue (Recommendation index ☆☆☆)

Find a place with good infrastructure on the outskirts of town that you can drive to and has some services.
When you arrive, you can directly let the other party build a fire, grill your own meat, chat, stroll in the valley, and return in the evening of the same day.

Interesting Dating Spots

Pottery, oil painting, coffee experience (Recommendation index ☆☆☆)

If you are looking for a group buy on the internet, you can get a hundred or so dollars to experience oil painting or soft ceramics by yourself.
Don’t look for that kind of very formal, also don’t be a lot of people together, just two people no one to control their own mess play that kind of more relaxed, it’s quite good!

Interesting Dating Spots

Pet Café (Recommendation Index☆☆☆)

This should also be communicated in advance to see what the other side means
According to like can find cats, dogs and so on, so that the two attention can be distracted some, not particularly awkward. And through the common preferences, you can build each other’s goodwill, there are more topics.

Interesting Dating Spots

Theme parks (Recommendation index ☆☆☆☆)

Again, it depends on the common hobbies of both parties. Suitable for more outgoing and lively young people.
A lot of waiting time in line you two can chat in the line, and when you start playing, you can be happy again and take pictures of each other. But it’s best to get a little familiar with each other, because a full day trip requires a lot of care and compromise. It’s easy to get embarrassed if you don’t know each other too well.

Interesting Dating Spots

Board game bar (Recommendation index ☆☆☆)

For quiet couples who like to think
It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a few board games that you can play in advance.
The rhythm is a little more decisive, almost 20 minutes a game, feel each other tired, immediately change the theme.

Interesting Dating Spots

Game City (Recommendation Index☆☆☆)

The kind inside the mall, don’t go to the kind of billiard hall with a bad atmosphere.
Two people exchange 300 dollars of coins, catch dolls, racing, shooting, shooting, drums, can be happy to play an afternoon.
The excitement of winning the game will reduce the distance between each other, and in the end, the girl can also take a gift home, very happy memories. There are eating places on other floors, so it is very convenient to sit down when you are tired.

Interesting Dating Spots

Tea houses and flower arrangement centers (Recommendation index☆☆☆)

Literary girls can go to these kinds of places.
Two people drink tea and chat. It’s more relaxing. Don’t be too stingy, go a little better style. Some places have flower arrangement and other experience activities on weekends, one or two hundred per person, in addition to drinking tea can arrange flowers.

Interesting Dating Spots

Private Cinema (Recommendation Index ☆☆)

How come we’re back to movie theaters?
If you must go to the movies, you can go to this private movie theater.
A bit like KTV rooms, two people choose a good movie, go in generally a variety of themed rooms some can also soak feet, hot pot or something. Pay attention to call in advance and the clerk to confirm, don’t make the city more ambiguous and embarrassing.
Room to get some bright, two people can chat while watching.
Choose a movie as much as possible is more groovy can communicate, rather than the kind of tension or deep clear.
This kind of place usually have XboX or PSS can play games, two people watch a movie to play a game for a while is quite good.

Interesting Dating Spots

Hiking trails, sea-rimming trestles (Recommendation index ☆☆☆☆)

Wear travel shoes sportswear, travel light.
The two of you will burn fat exercise together, chatting while walking. Have a slight bite to eat by noon, or have a picnic. In the afternoon, you can find a cafe to rest your feet, or go to a bookstore or something quieter instead.
You can also bring a kite, MP3 external stereo or something to liven things up.
Ideal for cities that are naturally scenic.

Interesting Dating Spots

Squash Court, Archery Court, Lawn Frisbee (Recommendation Index☆☆☆)

More fashionable and interesting sports, the two do not have to direct confrontation, moderate intensity on the line.
You can teach each other to move when there is a very natural body contact, slightly sweating to increase the heartbeat of the “drawbridge effect”, but not too lousy. If you are at a resort, you can take a walk together to relax, and if you are looking for a mall facility to eat, it is also convenient.

We believe that there is always a location above that suits you.

In addition, choose a date location to consider their own transportation, if you do not have a car, then try to get close to the subway.
Be sure not to let the two people on the road to consume too much time and physical strength, to the place has been very tired mood and no sense of excitement. In addition, always observe each other’s physical strength and mood, feel her fatigue, the main request to find a cafe to sit down and rest.
Drink some black coffee and other beverages that can increase the degree of excitement, and so the spirit of refreshed and then set off.
Lunch as far as possible, not too greasy or buffet, will also make the two people’s physical strength quickly decline, the best is a light meal or Western food. It’s better to have a light meal or a western meal, as it will make sense and ensure that you are comfortable in the afternoon.

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